Psionics Are Different

Psionics vedis

Psionics Are Different, Diminished.

  • Metamagic / Metapsionic Rods (and Crystal Capacitors / Pearls of Power) will only function with the same type of energy, magic or psionics.
  • Antimagic Fields do not affect psionics, Anitpsionic Fields do not affect magic.
  • Dispel psionics does not dispel magical effects, and dispel magic does not dispel psionic effects.
  • Detect psionics does not detect the presence of magic, and detect magic does not detect the presence of psionics.
  • The Spellcraft skill for manifesters is renamed to psicraft, and skill points in one skill do not give any training in the other. Similarly, the Use Magic Device skill for psionic items is instead Use psionic Device, and skill points in one skill do not give any training in the other.
  • Creatures with power resistance might be treated as having spell resistance equal to half their power resistance, and vice versa.


  • Eradicate Invisibility will reveal a magically Invisible character, but his invisibility cannot be dispelled with a dispel psionics power.
  • Force screen will protect you from magic missile, and shield will protect you from concussion blast.
  • Aura alteration can affect any effect with the [Compulsion] descriptor, be it a power or spell.
  • Break enchantment can negate many [Mind-Affecting] powers.
  • True strike will negate the miss chance granted by concealing amphora.

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Psionics Are Different

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