Since the acronym was already floating around Obsidian Portal forums, and I’ve always done this, I’m adopting it here.

SEX stands for S-ubmissions for E-xtra X-P.

SEX is a means to earn additional XP awards out-of-game by contributing to the collaborative story telling process that is the game.

Here are some great opportunities for SEX:

  • Writing in-character stories, journal entries, memoirs, retrospectives, descriptions of events in-game, musings, prayers, poems, rituals, speeches, or anything else written by and from the perspective of your character. All such submissions should be made as posts in the Adventure Log.
  • Creating any sort of art or cartography related to the campaign or its characters.
  • Writing short fiction related to the campaign or its characters.

All of the above are fully optional, and merely examples. If you come up with something else creative, it could very well be good for some SEX.

Just remember . . . creativity and effort equals very good SEX!


Illustration by Syreene


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