Skull and Shackles

Songs About Rats

Here’s a little story
I’d like to tell
About two bad brothers
You know so well.

It started way back
In history
With Teakshanks
The great pirate
On the high seas!

The Beasties – Songs About Rats

  • Two Bad Brothers / Teakshanks on the High Seas
  • The Rat Attacked Jack / Jack Attack Rat
  • Ratkiller – I Totally Killed a Rat!
  • I’m On a Boat
  • Plunder It!
  • Tear the Bear
  • Take It With Blood
  • Rape, Kill, Burn, Pillage
  • Scourge of the Seas
  • Rat Smasher Kills Tonight
  • Only a Little Bit of Rat

by Zach Teakshanks, Bucanneer Bard


DungeonMasterLoki DungeonMasterLoki

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