Skull and Shackles

Priest's Journal - Book 2

Day 1: I find myself rescued by a ship of pirates. Not my luckiest rescue, but better than I expected. This isn’t the first pirate ship I’ve served on, but it is by far the most polarized. The first mate is a rough bastard named Plugg. He has a cowardly toad named Scourge who is a bit too liberal with the cat. As I observed the crew it didn’t take long to realize that this ship is a powder keg waiting to explode.

Day 6: We boarded and secured a merchant vessel that was unlucky enough to come into site of our sails. I said a prayer for those who died and I hope Pharasma cares for them when they reach her halls. The crew is especially blood thirsty, even those who I find myself allied with. I find I have to be very vocal to keep them from killing everyone who crosses blades with them. After this taste of blood, a mutiny seems inevitable. I pray I chose the right side.

Day 9: We’ve been ordered to crew the Man’s Promise with Plugg as captain and Scourge as first mate. No good can come from this. My new associates have a deep hatred of these two and the feeling appears to be mutual. I’ve only known this crew for a little over a week but I can tell that my associates, while still vile people, have some sense of honor that Plugg and Scourge lack.

Day 12: We have learned that Plugg plans to have us meet with an accident soon. I can’t say that this surprises me. I find it a little close minded that he lumps me in with this group. Guilty by association it seems. That alone tells me everything I need to know about Plugg. He doesn’t care about people, just power. His type always make a mistake that ends up getting many people killed. I find that I now agree with my allies, the time for mutiny is now. Pharasma guide my gun.

Day 13 We successfully took the ship from Plugg and Scourge. Plugg took a couple bullets and when I tried to patch him up the others protested. If they are so intent on Plugg suffering, they could simply leave him in the bilges and let his wounds fester. Since they decided that tying them to the mast was best I took it upon myself to bind their wounds, despite the protests. If one is going to suffer, then one should suffer greatly. Otherwise there is no point to suffering at all. This is how lessons are learned.

Day 14: A foul storm has cast us aground on a shallow reef. The ship is in desperate need of repair before it will be able to sail again. Two of the crew were taken by locals and a rescue party is being assembled. I have a bad feeling about this island…almost as if something unnatural dwells within. I fear that more lives will be lost before we set sail again.


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