Skull and Shackles

Game Notes 12/20/12

Wasps fought, killed scout and they buried him, fought wild boars, had a party with them as food. Salted pork on ship after battle.

Plunder: 3pts gems and grain (30 tons)

Legend of Tide Water Rock: Magnut Stormeyes found a harbor/haven to launch his pirate fleet. started with one ship, with plunder she built a keep called tidewater rock where she could hit ships in the shipping lanes. success let her build a fleet on multiple places, became a Hurricane King, and was assassinated. First mate took her ship and seized control, becoming a Free captain. Passed through other owners until location became less prominence. Good luck to pirates who crack Tidewater Rock though.

Bertram Smith, Captain of the Vale was last holder of the fort. Decade ago he had a feud with Parole Antiochus who had lured him into a permanent hurricane with help of a rising captain named Barnabus Harrigut who sank his ship and killed him. He tried to take fort, but was stopped by Smithie’s widow.

Lady Agatha Smithy is the current owner of the fort. Disgraced captain from Aradan Merril Pegsworthy turned pirate christened the ship with Tidewater Rock saying. Crew decides we need to take the fort. Also need to achieve plunder and infamy for the crew support. Need plunder and raiding quest.

Finish with Rickety Squib and his refitting of the ship. We’re pretty well off with them because of the people we saved and the meal we cooked.

Drove off raiding party of 4 shark men. 4:30 in the morning, Iro and squad goes back to sleep. Next day watch, notice that storm is coming in, battening down the hatches.

On my watch, I see a couple of sails in the distance and ring the bell to warn the others. Zach notices they are Chelish – Devil Worshipping Pirate Hunters. Way too small to be pirate hunters though. Others suggest we go chase it. The Dowager Queen with some Infernal writing on it.

They see and decide to flee. “Ready the guns” says Drago. “Yes sir!” says Zach.

I take a Bull Strength potion from Iro (4 minutes).

250 ft apart ship battle. I cast True Strike on cannon. (210 ft) We move closer. Iro gives us a crystal that gives us a minute of breathable air if you eat it for emergencies.

Catapult iron ball slams through the deck. 13 pts of damage. Another goes thunk into the water 25 ft off the bow. (150 ft) Zach shoots a balista and hits the ship. Iro takes his mutagen and meditates to wait. I hit with another balista. 120ft

Catapult stone crashes through captain’s cabin. Another through the cargo hold punching through the deck. I suggest to Iro that we make a tar bomb to set sails on fire. Drago asks that we keep the ship intact. 180 ft. Loot THEN burn!

Zach glitterdusts the ship. Owlbear reloads as I shoot Magic Missle at someone in fancy dress who looks like they’re giving orders on deck. I hit her and she ducks behind some barrels. The captain is distracted by the glitterdust.

50pts of damage as catapult takes down our middle mast with a critical hit. 150ft. I shoot it again and aim for the rigging. 17pts of damage ripping up a 3rd of a sail. 30ft apart. Zack does sound burst on the ship. HAHAHA!

I cast Hydraulic Push with sword and blow captain off the ship as he’s distracted. Drago tries to lock on with ropes and fails. Crossbow bolt rips past my face as I run above decks. Jabber gets hit by 3 cross bow bolts OUCH

Cellish battle marines and a larger woman in fancy dress on other ship. I cast Vanish and prepare to jump to the other ship. Iro casts a smoke bomb onto the ship. Deck is covered in a fog.

Zach casts chord of shards and a few swears are heard in the fog. Drogo attempts to grapple the ship and we succeed because the ship is listing. Iro throws a bomb that explodes a sailor overboard. I run and jump over to the other side right in front of one of the marines.

Zack’s song of surrender makes one of the sailor’s sleep. I move along the rail and manage to spy the officer taking aim with a crossbow.

Drogo yells “Lay down your weapons and you will not be harmed!”

1st mate doesn’t see me – and burns in flames from Iro’s bomb as I get scorched. Sailor surrenders and I knock him to his knees and bind his hands.

Captain, sails master and 4 of 6 marines are dead. 30 regular crew survive.

2 catapults taken and 17 stones

Zach says we should embarass the survivors. I say we do have the hooker bloomers left from the ghouls… we’ll take them and tow the ship with us as we’re going to strip it for parts. Zach convinces 12 Chelaxians to join the crew. (18)

Iro redistributes one item to a crew member a piece.

Chelaxians are lawful evil empire pissed at pirates because they allowed independence of one of their colonies. Chelax used to rule Sargava.

We return to Rickety Squibs and seek to get our ship repaired with salvage from captured Chelaxian ship. They make diplomacy check and offer deal for remains of ship after salvage. We get two repair/squibbings on account.

1pt of plunder used to gain infamy at the bars. 1pt of plunder attempted to sell for profit. 1 pt of plunder goes to the crew.


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