Skull and Shackles

Game Notes 01/03/13

We add catapults from Chelish ship to ours during the repairs. 2 lt catapult and 2 ballista and 3pts of plunder

Severe sudden squall as we travel to Blood Cove. We lose one of the crew in the rigging during the storm. Zack talks of practices we could implement to prevent that from happening again. Air Bubble tokens and swimming potions are discussed. Drago walks around on deck as Sendara Quinn approaches.

“I owe you my life… thank you. I’ve seen in the water’s currents that you may be great pirates. A proper captain needs decadent quarters and a captain’s hat.” She takes off the tricorn and gives it to Drago.

We come to land/huge tree with a city built into the branches via platforms. Blood Cove. We head back to the sea lanes looking for prey and plunder. We pass a school of dolphins and not much else. On the fourth day… we spy a Rhadoomie schooner in the distance.

Iro brews potions for everyone below decks while the next day I spy a ship in the distance on the horizon.

Ship Battle:

Zack tells a Speech of Courage for the crew. One ballista bolt misses while another hits our ship. I man a catapult while Iro makes a True Strike infusion for me. I hit the ship with a dead-on shot with the catapult for 36pts of dmg. I see something fly up into the air from the deck of the ship. “Fuck me, it’s a Manticore!”

Zack shoots at it with the ballista and misses horribly. We’re hit again by their ship as I hit them again with a catapult and Drago moves us in closer to the point where the manticore flies over and hits me and Iro with his tail spikes. 23 pts of damage and i’m near death. I drink a potion and Iro provides me with another that brings me back to health as I dive for cover. Iro hands me a True Strike infusion as well.

Manticore strikes Jabber down and Drago falls to the deck. Manticore fails its save and lays to the ground due to Zack’s Song of Surrender. Drago pilots the ship next to it and we grapple with ropes. The Rahadoom ship manages to pull away slightly avoiding the ropes. I cast True Strike and heave a spear at one of the Manticore’s heads. Iro throws a bomb at it’s head and catches the lion’s fur on fire. Drago attempts to grapple the ship again and fails… and knows he just missed them. I cast Vanish and sneak past the Manticore into the Captain’s Room to get to the Whale Skull Scrolls.

Iro throws another bomb at the two sailors attempting to board and casts a cloud of fog. Zack casts a spell of dreaming and hears a pair of bodies hitting the deck in the fog, stunned. Drogo summons a giant spider that attacks the Manticore. I activate the Black Tentacles spell on the skull and it covers the enemy deck. Iro throws another bomb and kills the Manticore. Zack casts his haze of dreams on the struggling captain. Drogo sends the spider over and it’s grappled by the tentacles. Drogo demands surrender and the captain declares to spare his crew. I dispel the tentacles and join the others on board. I intimidate the surviving crew to join us in our quest to conquer the high seas or die at the hands of the tentacles. We offer healing to the survivors as well as Besmara can be merciful as well as wrathful. The two we healed, Floatsam & Jetsam join us while we put the captain and her officers on a jolly boat.

Rahadoom Chainmail Shirt
+1 chainmail shirt (Cassie)
1 potion of Cure Moderate
1 elixir of Swimming
2 Cure Light
1 Alchemist Fire
2 m studded leather armor
2 light crossbows
20 bolts
2 boarding pikes
2 short swords
2 grappling hooks
heavy crossbow
masterwork rapier
2 pts. of plunder – cloth, copper and salt

We discuss what to do with the ship and decide to sell it in Blood Cove. We debate what to do with the plunder and decide to buy drinks and tell tales.

“It’s a hot ship… I can’t give you as much as you want for it.” 3,000 and a keg of Chelaxian brandy. Payment in diamonds. 600 each.

Zack tells tales in the bar in order to gain infamy for our crew. Drago and Ihro play music while Cassie casts cantrips to provide special effects. 3pts of Infamy & Disrepute in the Blood Cove – we now have 10 POINTS

We can now purchase Disgraceful Impositions and have “Favored Ports.” I get really good fruit and meat from Mwangi tribesmen – town is 60% native with a lot of water and high array of non-humans. We seek a craftsman to skin the manticore and we take the 10 spikes for spell components and weapons. Owlbear Hawshorn bashfully looks at the manticore. “Faaaangsss…” “Big pointy teeth, yeah.”

10 manticore spikes are made into daggers and the tip of drago’s lance. 150gp a piece for masterwork weapons that trusted crew get. I get banannas, melons, and meat that could be dinosaur.

We head back out to sea, Iro makes more potions as we travel for a day and a half and come across a ship. A barge out of Absolom… the ancient first human city center of learning and magic. Older style sailing ship. Drago catches up to the ship in record time as…


DungeonMasterLoki Kenari_Sanura

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