Skull and Shackles

Notes to be transcribed

running low on fresh water – aim for Mwangi expanse and go up river to find fresh water – let’s try to be normal and casual in our water getting
Drago strikes a pose as he pilots the ship. We decide to send out hunting parties as well. I make a ring as Sadi makes daggers for a day. We find a great spot with mangroves, animals, etc and rivers with fresh water and dry land. We get some mammals and an alligator, meat for 2 days worth of meals or saved for later.

We get water, hunting parties return by lunch the next. One fried on local mushrooms, but all return and one refuses to go back because he saw huge anoconda.

Huh, Cheliax, he says when he spies a pendant in the trees. Iro says “4 masts, big ship.”

“Crap, that’s the Dominator, a man of war pirate ship.” 4 masts, 60 cannon.

We plot.

Yeah, I’ve seen these before. If it’s the same as the Varisian ships, it’s got a steering wheel with a pully activated rudder to steer it from the cabin below. We can’t sneak, so we’re going to blow up the rudder from the outside of ship with Iro and Sadie.

We row up stream at night in group of 4. Bombs would start an attack, so distraction and sneaking aboard.

We row quietly, and then swim towards ship. Iro gives us Shield potion. Drago casts Haste, we drink Iro infusions and swim faster.

I scan around and petty sure we haven’t been heard. 2nd lvl down from the top is where we need to go.
Ornate carvings and handholds of Azmodeus. I zoom past everyone up the ship side, along comes Sadi with Drago behind who slips, falls on top of Iro, and they grunt loudly as they fall into the water and swim underwater.

I fake noises of Dolphins in the hopes to cover the splashing. The whisk of crossbow bolts hitting the water. one nicks Drago. They swim to other side of ship while under Haste.

Someone vaguely officer like puts hands on shoulder of crossbow dude and stops firing. INTRUDERS! Lights come on all around. I cast Vanish and leap up on deck to find door below while IRo and Drago pull up and Drago summons giant centipede that gets tangled in the rigging.

Sadi casts Sanctuary on herself.

I go down the stairs to a door with 4 guys standing in front of it. guy on one end has red skin and pointed ears. other guy has solid black eyes. Bet they are Tieflings. I need to go one level down. Guys coming up from ladders of guys with men and black armor with crossbows and longswords.

Iro props open window on side of ship. Drago summons fire elemental that burns sails. at least 80 marines with flaming longswords.

Sadie attempts to parlay with the pirates. Take me to your leader!

Do you smell smoke?

I move through hallways trying to find rudder room acrobatically. Best I can see there’s another 30 or 40 marines that have yet to come on deck. Overall 130 marines.

Iro climbs into the room and stumbles around, finds a cage with the ropes. Sadi is a distraction .

I weave through the crowds of soldiers, recall my Vanish spell and cast it again before it fades as I make my way to where I think the door should be. Iro uses alchemical fire to try and set the ropes. Drops fire, sets fire to strange fabrics, stinking cloud effect created by fire. Sadi calls lightning.

Reeking smell of herring farts detected. I pull my scarf over my face and look for smell because anything that obnoxious has to come from those two. I knock softly/scratch at the door. nothing.

I smell more fire and hear it burning. I hear things piled against the door and threaten in Halfling that if he doesn’t open the door I’m going to use his Eidelon as a bath rug. Sadi’s lightning strikes the mast and guys on deck. Mast falls onto the other mast.

Iro drops a bomb on the gears/ropes, gets burned a bit. face full of backlash after he forces a bomb through the grate. I break down the door with my sword in a growl. Iro says we don’t have time and dives off the ship.

Game Notes 03/21/13

Crew discusses need for more plunder, and suggests Tide Water Rock.

3 Andorans and Sadi the Undine Water Cleric of Nice was a prisoner that joins us. Iro offers her tea. What’s not to like? It’s water with leaves in it! She’s an Undine, human/water elemental hybrid. She grew up in Waterworld. “Tell me about the tea you drank there!”

“Black like the tar on the machines”
“Sounds like Dwarven coffee!”
“Here, try the Tears of Besmara tea it can give you benefits you already have”

I’m a cloud reader who can predict the weather as well. Iro offers us 4 crystals that provide 1 minute of water breathing a piece.

“I don’t plan on going into the water. Why would you want to go down there? They’ll eat you in one gulp.”

“Only if you’re the slowest swimmer”


“Do I get paid? Join us!” Cleric argues her worth and why she should get paid as part of the crew.

“What are you guys into, eh?”

Zach: “You’ll see on the first night that we all like to perform. Do you dance or anything?”

No, I make weapons and armor. Although I could make costumes! I could make floaty driftwood armor!

So what’s next? We need more booty and weapons, so let’s go looking for ships!

After 3 days we encounter a rain storm and start lashing everything down because Gwyn warns us.

We encounter a ship in the distance – I cast Clarion Call and yell out to the other ship that this is their chance to surrender. This is an Aspice Consortium ship – terrorists with tight control over money. assassins some of the most feared on the planet. You sure? We aren’t going to get infamous by being a bunch of pussies. Croup says we could get good plunder from these guys if we survive.

Sadie Calls Lightning as Zach casts Glitterdust on the captain. I cast Web on the main deck.

Drago casts Haste – Sadi’s lightning bolt comes down on the masts and kills one crew member. Webs catch fire – Zach casts grease and one guy falls off the deck. Mast falls over in fire, web goes off in flames, etc. Zach attacks ship with catapult.

Iro hands me a Bull Str tea. +4 STR and moves to the front of the ship

I try to figure out who the cap is and fire magic missile as i yell that this is their last chance to leave with the clarion call spell.

Drago receives a magical message – you take our ship the consortium will hunt you down till the end of your days. if you relinquish your stuff we’ll let you and your crew live.

They may be surrendering, go for the masts!

Sadi strikes masts again with lightning as the second one goes down, causing the ship to slow and list as Sadi cackles maniacally, dreadlocks flowing in the wind.

Zach casts Song of Surrender on the captain – sounds of fierce dogs barking causing intimidation. Captain drops prone. Crew throwing weapons overboard and hands in the air as they surrender.

1 BOX OF GLASS VIALS – 3: blue potions of remove disease and 3: brown cure light wounds

Iro and Drago argue about what we’re going to take, and what deals we made. Aspice Consortium are major business.

Drago tells them that Captain Hartigan (our old captain) doesn’t care about your consortium and I add that he has so much disdain for you that he wouldn’t attack them himself and sent us to do his dirty work. “The BOOTY CALL” will be name for our next ship.

We leave crew with their broken down ship and decide what to do next. Who wants some tea? You sure about this pot bellied weirdo? Iro offers tea and Croup throws it overboard.

We’re not far from Quint, decide to look for more ships to hit. I suggest we look to the Calistrian Holy Concubines of Quent for information on Lady Agatha and the Tide Water Rock.

5 days out, 2 hours before sundown on 3rd day we see a column of smoke rising in the sky to the east. Shall we investigate? Orders, captain? We pilot towards it I step on deck with coffee and see a Chelish single masted cutter called the Famished Mane – appears to have just finished taking the Boars Fang, which flies the skull and crossbones. I suggest we attack the Chelish and save these other pirates to see if we can get them to join our side. Boars Fang – Captain Sedantris Titarond female human captain.

We get in range, I cast Web on the deck of the ship by the steering, preventing them from disengaging from the flaming ship. now 60ft apart.


Drago just missed by 3 crossbow bolts by marines free of the webs. Sadi casts Hydro Push at sailor causing him to go over the side of the ship. Zach casts Chord of Shard on the sailors of the ship as she yells for men to fire on the ship with ballistas. I try to put out some of the fire with a Hydraulic Push but the flames are just too strong. Both ships are burning and being pulled underwater.

Sadi swims over to the other ship to try and help people on the flaming pirate ship by channeling energy. I swim over to join her and try and save people. sadi heals again while Zach and Iro attack and Drago summons creatures to help put out fires. Zach sings songs of surrender at burliest pirate.

I leap on deck with a Jump potion and break open the door with lightning sword, people file off into the water gratefully and I jump back in to help them. We save 14 members of the crew and guide them back to the ship. Drago’s elemental knocks out all the fires on deck.

Remaining crew have surrendered. Pirate ship is sank, surviving crew is grateful for their survival. Besmara’s Blade is merciful and Nice is good!

1 POINT OF PLUNDER for Famished Mane

THE 14 WANT TO STAY WITH US because we saved their hides- wide variety of riggers, deckhands, riggers, etc all human.

Game Notes 01/10/13

Drago knows of Absolom due to his bardic school experience. It’s a big city of knowledge, apparently. We’re getting ready to close on the True Wind, an Absolom ship.

*Extra 98 gold for Cassie
*While we were in Blood Cove we picked up: SHIP STORE: 698 gold

Alchemical Fire Shot (200):
Blast Shot (30):
Bombs (600)
Chain (50)
Liquid Ice (400)
Plague Bundles (80)
Smoke (250)

I buy 5 water purification sponges (100) – can purify 25 pints of water each
I buy a masterwork Artisan Kit (55) – +2 on Craft Checks
Astrolabe (100) +2 Sailor Navigation Checks and Survival and Knowledge Geography

Left note with ammo manufacturer. I see slaves, osiran artifacts, andorian weapons, all sorts of exotic things… but the one thing I don’t see being sold is anything from the Aspice Consortium.
They are a cold cutthroat international merchant house and Blood Cove is their town. We watch 3 guys get shredded at the mouth of an alley by red masked, red garbed individuals who were the legendary Red Mantis assassins. “That’s what happens when you sell their goods in this town.”

Iro notices some Andoran cannons on the market that are probably hot. 2 for 10,000 is unfortunately out of our reach.

Iro and Zack talk to a tribal dread haired dude who sells magic bandages. Iro wheels and deals. Zack finds shop and guy playing with little silver cube. Arrow Magnet.

We stock up on regular ammo and repairs and fishing nets.

Back to the ship battle…

I fire the catapult using True Strike at the rigging for 20pts damage and take out some sails in the middle of the mainmast. Ship gets hit after a miss. Zack casts Glitterdust on captain of other ship. Captain makes save for one round. Zack misses with his balista.

I cast Magic Missile and hit the captain. Iro gives me a True Strike Infusion. One shot misses, another hits our sails.

I send a Message to the captain of the other ship and intimidate them into surrendering by mentioning the fate of the last crew to the death of black tentacles. Captain resists.

I hit deck with catapult and tell the captain again to surrender the ship to save the crew…. except the captain dies. Iro heads up deck, Drago pilots the ship closer till we’re about 10 ft away. crossbow bolt zooms over drago’s head and through a sail. Zack screams for everyone to laugh and Drago encourages them. Zack casts Sonic Blast @ 1st mate. I shoot the 1st mate with a magic missile and threaten him to surrender using the Message spell. 1 Arcane Point to recall Magic Missile spell.

Iro throws smoke bomb on the other ship deck. Flaming crewman jumps off the deck. Drago moves ship closer for boarding action. The reeling first mate with blood dripping advances with empty arms calling for surrender. Our ship cheers. Drogo searches ship with detect magic.

2pts of plunder
16 ballista bolts
2 light ballista
+1 ballista bolt
3 potions of cure light wounds
4 grappling hooks
general food stocks
heavy crossbow
dead captain’s rapier
+1 studded leather armor (damaged and cut for a female)

Recruit: 4 new Andoran crew. Revolutionary era American. Democratic independent people like Miles Pegsworthy.

I pass a cure light wounds potion to 1st mate and tell him that Besmara’s Blade can be merciful as well as cruel. NAT 20 Diplomacy roll.

2pts of Infamy Reward. CURRENT= 13

Jabber does his Snoopy Happy Dance.

We go back to Rickety Squibbs, 1st mate rest go free on life boats. trade in ship we captured with Rickety for credit on future repairs. Our repair credit = 60% of ships hit points.

We hang out and spread word of our infamy. Iro serves a lot of tea. Oh you’re back with your boiled seaweed! I think I hear my mother calling…

“I call this Spice of Paradise as it has booze in it!”

5pts of Infamy and Disrepute @ Rickety Squibbs. We are maxed out there and at Blood Cove until we reach next level of Infamy.

Iro makes potions of Jump and makes 24 potions.

I make 2 high quality silver signet rings with our symbol on it. I give one to Drago and one for myself.

We talk of going to Mataku Island… looking for a big city to hit. Come across an all white ship with 3 masts, pale wood, white sails, no flag. Drago knows tale of a white ship that’s a merchant of magical wares. I don’t think we should fight them because they have magic items. They think we should because they do. I am out-voted.

Combat: white ship gets upper hand. Zack sings. First weapon shot goes off… it veers away from the ship and then it’s their turn. We try and leave as 12ft tall blue guy in robes stands on deck sits down in large chair and ship leaves. He’s a rare race of traders known as the Mercane, beyond the planes that we know.

I told them the ship was going to be out of our league!

*Calistra is an Elven Goddess of Lust who has the symbol of wasps. The Calistrian Holy Concubines of Quent are the biggest information brokers in the Shackles.

Game Notes 01/03/13

We add catapults from Chelish ship to ours during the repairs. 2 lt catapult and 2 ballista and 3pts of plunder

Severe sudden squall as we travel to Blood Cove. We lose one of the crew in the rigging during the storm. Zack talks of practices we could implement to prevent that from happening again. Air Bubble tokens and swimming potions are discussed. Drago walks around on deck as Sendara Quinn approaches.

“I owe you my life… thank you. I’ve seen in the water’s currents that you may be great pirates. A proper captain needs decadent quarters and a captain’s hat.” She takes off the tricorn and gives it to Drago.

We come to land/huge tree with a city built into the branches via platforms. Blood Cove. We head back to the sea lanes looking for prey and plunder. We pass a school of dolphins and not much else. On the fourth day… we spy a Rhadoomie schooner in the distance.

Iro brews potions for everyone below decks while the next day I spy a ship in the distance on the horizon.

Ship Battle:

Zack tells a Speech of Courage for the crew. One ballista bolt misses while another hits our ship. I man a catapult while Iro makes a True Strike infusion for me. I hit the ship with a dead-on shot with the catapult for 36pts of dmg. I see something fly up into the air from the deck of the ship. “Fuck me, it’s a Manticore!”

Zack shoots at it with the ballista and misses horribly. We’re hit again by their ship as I hit them again with a catapult and Drago moves us in closer to the point where the manticore flies over and hits me and Iro with his tail spikes. 23 pts of damage and i’m near death. I drink a potion and Iro provides me with another that brings me back to health as I dive for cover. Iro hands me a True Strike infusion as well.

Manticore strikes Jabber down and Drago falls to the deck. Manticore fails its save and lays to the ground due to Zack’s Song of Surrender. Drago pilots the ship next to it and we grapple with ropes. The Rahadoom ship manages to pull away slightly avoiding the ropes. I cast True Strike and heave a spear at one of the Manticore’s heads. Iro throws a bomb at it’s head and catches the lion’s fur on fire. Drago attempts to grapple the ship again and fails… and knows he just missed them. I cast Vanish and sneak past the Manticore into the Captain’s Room to get to the Whale Skull Scrolls.

Iro throws another bomb at the two sailors attempting to board and casts a cloud of fog. Zack casts a spell of dreaming and hears a pair of bodies hitting the deck in the fog, stunned. Drogo summons a giant spider that attacks the Manticore. I activate the Black Tentacles spell on the skull and it covers the enemy deck. Iro throws another bomb and kills the Manticore. Zack casts his haze of dreams on the struggling captain. Drogo sends the spider over and it’s grappled by the tentacles. Drogo demands surrender and the captain declares to spare his crew. I dispel the tentacles and join the others on board. I intimidate the surviving crew to join us in our quest to conquer the high seas or die at the hands of the tentacles. We offer healing to the survivors as well as Besmara can be merciful as well as wrathful. The two we healed, Floatsam & Jetsam join us while we put the captain and her officers on a jolly boat.

Rahadoom Chainmail Shirt
+1 chainmail shirt (Cassie)
1 potion of Cure Moderate
1 elixir of Swimming
2 Cure Light
1 Alchemist Fire
2 m studded leather armor
2 light crossbows
20 bolts
2 boarding pikes
2 short swords
2 grappling hooks
heavy crossbow
masterwork rapier
2 pts. of plunder – cloth, copper and salt

We discuss what to do with the ship and decide to sell it in Blood Cove. We debate what to do with the plunder and decide to buy drinks and tell tales.

“It’s a hot ship… I can’t give you as much as you want for it.” 3,000 and a keg of Chelaxian brandy. Payment in diamonds. 600 each.

Zack tells tales in the bar in order to gain infamy for our crew. Drago and Ihro play music while Cassie casts cantrips to provide special effects. 3pts of Infamy & Disrepute in the Blood Cove – we now have 10 POINTS

We can now purchase Disgraceful Impositions and have “Favored Ports.” I get really good fruit and meat from Mwangi tribesmen – town is 60% native with a lot of water and high array of non-humans. We seek a craftsman to skin the manticore and we take the 10 spikes for spell components and weapons. Owlbear Hawshorn bashfully looks at the manticore. “Faaaangsss…” “Big pointy teeth, yeah.”

10 manticore spikes are made into daggers and the tip of drago’s lance. 150gp a piece for masterwork weapons that trusted crew get. I get banannas, melons, and meat that could be dinosaur.

We head back out to sea, Iro makes more potions as we travel for a day and a half and come across a ship. A barge out of Absolom… the ancient first human city center of learning and magic. Older style sailing ship. Drago catches up to the ship in record time as…

Game Notes 12/20/12

Wasps fought, killed scout and they buried him, fought wild boars, had a party with them as food. Salted pork on ship after battle.

Plunder: 3pts gems and grain (30 tons)

Legend of Tide Water Rock: Magnut Stormeyes found a harbor/haven to launch his pirate fleet. started with one ship, with plunder she built a keep called tidewater rock where she could hit ships in the shipping lanes. success let her build a fleet on multiple places, became a Hurricane King, and was assassinated. First mate took her ship and seized control, becoming a Free captain. Passed through other owners until location became less prominence. Good luck to pirates who crack Tidewater Rock though.

Bertram Smith, Captain of the Vale was last holder of the fort. Decade ago he had a feud with Parole Antiochus who had lured him into a permanent hurricane with help of a rising captain named Barnabus Harrigut who sank his ship and killed him. He tried to take fort, but was stopped by Smithie’s widow.

Lady Agatha Smithy is the current owner of the fort. Disgraced captain from Aradan Merril Pegsworthy turned pirate christened the ship with Tidewater Rock saying. Crew decides we need to take the fort. Also need to achieve plunder and infamy for the crew support. Need plunder and raiding quest.

Finish with Rickety Squib and his refitting of the ship. We’re pretty well off with them because of the people we saved and the meal we cooked.

Drove off raiding party of 4 shark men. 4:30 in the morning, Iro and squad goes back to sleep. Next day watch, notice that storm is coming in, battening down the hatches.

On my watch, I see a couple of sails in the distance and ring the bell to warn the others. Zach notices they are Chelish – Devil Worshipping Pirate Hunters. Way too small to be pirate hunters though. Others suggest we go chase it. The Dowager Queen with some Infernal writing on it.

They see and decide to flee. “Ready the guns” says Drago. “Yes sir!” says Zach.

I take a Bull Strength potion from Iro (4 minutes).

250 ft apart ship battle. I cast True Strike on cannon. (210 ft) We move closer. Iro gives us a crystal that gives us a minute of breathable air if you eat it for emergencies.

Catapult iron ball slams through the deck. 13 pts of damage. Another goes thunk into the water 25 ft off the bow. (150 ft) Zach shoots a balista and hits the ship. Iro takes his mutagen and meditates to wait. I hit with another balista. 120ft

Catapult stone crashes through captain’s cabin. Another through the cargo hold punching through the deck. I suggest to Iro that we make a tar bomb to set sails on fire. Drago asks that we keep the ship intact. 180 ft. Loot THEN burn!

Zach glitterdusts the ship. Owlbear reloads as I shoot Magic Missle at someone in fancy dress who looks like they’re giving orders on deck. I hit her and she ducks behind some barrels. The captain is distracted by the glitterdust.

50pts of damage as catapult takes down our middle mast with a critical hit. 150ft. I shoot it again and aim for the rigging. 17pts of damage ripping up a 3rd of a sail. 30ft apart. Zack does sound burst on the ship. HAHAHA!

I cast Hydraulic Push with sword and blow captain off the ship as he’s distracted. Drago tries to lock on with ropes and fails. Crossbow bolt rips past my face as I run above decks. Jabber gets hit by 3 cross bow bolts OUCH

Cellish battle marines and a larger woman in fancy dress on other ship. I cast Vanish and prepare to jump to the other ship. Iro casts a smoke bomb onto the ship. Deck is covered in a fog.

Zach casts chord of shards and a few swears are heard in the fog. Drogo attempts to grapple the ship and we succeed because the ship is listing. Iro throws a bomb that explodes a sailor overboard. I run and jump over to the other side right in front of one of the marines.

Zack’s song of surrender makes one of the sailor’s sleep. I move along the rail and manage to spy the officer taking aim with a crossbow.

Drogo yells “Lay down your weapons and you will not be harmed!”

1st mate doesn’t see me – and burns in flames from Iro’s bomb as I get scorched. Sailor surrenders and I knock him to his knees and bind his hands.

Captain, sails master and 4 of 6 marines are dead. 30 regular crew survive.

2 catapults taken and 17 stones

Zach says we should embarass the survivors. I say we do have the hooker bloomers left from the ghouls… we’ll take them and tow the ship with us as we’re going to strip it for parts. Zach convinces 12 Chelaxians to join the crew. (18)

Iro redistributes one item to a crew member a piece.

Chelaxians are lawful evil empire pissed at pirates because they allowed independence of one of their colonies. Chelax used to rule Sargava.

We return to Rickety Squibs and seek to get our ship repaired with salvage from captured Chelaxian ship. They make diplomacy check and offer deal for remains of ship after salvage. We get two repair/squibbings on account.

1pt of plunder used to gain infamy at the bars. 1pt of plunder attempted to sell for profit. 1 pt of plunder goes to the crew.

Cassandra's Log - Part 9
Rickety Squibbs

Cassie banner

“We’re starting to get a reputation; you know… it might be wise if this ship isn’t so recognizable anymore. Especially if Harrigan’s out there looking for us,” warns Drago.

“Well, if I recall what that barmaid told me correctly over a pint of less-watered down ale,” says Zach as he scans over the charts and scratches his head, “Rickety Squibbs is only a few days away in this direction.” He points to a set of islands about two days away. “They’ve been known to help people avoid… unnecessary entanglements.”

“Sounds like a plan!” agrees the Halfling as he grabs the horn. “Steer us a new course!”

After two days we come upon the coast of a massive rainforest continent near the equator heavy with thick undergrowth, large trees… and strange things staring out at us from the undergrowth. I spot an alligator here and there and ponder what kind of steaks I could make, but alas it is not to be. We eventually steer our way through a sluggish brown river that exits the jungle into a hidden cove with a set of docks near a villa, a warehouse, and series of shanties.

A watchtower runs up a black and yellow checkered flag and it is soon replied to by a flag from the cluster of small buildings before figures emerge and head towards the pier.

“Ho there, drop ladder so that we may parlay!” shouts a bald man with large earrings and missing teeth. I scan him and his crew with a detection spell, but they don’t seem to be carrying anything magical in nature. I nod to Zach and he lowers the ladder so that Drago and Priest might converse while the rest of us keep watch. I can’t make out much of the conversation, but from the looks of the large grins and handshakes, I’m guessing we’ve successfully conducted some business.

Drago waves to the rest of us, and we quickly disembark to stretch our land legs and discuss the needs of the ship while we’re here. “Rickety is going to supply us with some special compartments, as well as a make-over for the ship,” Drago informs us with a smile. “That gives us a few days here while he does his work, though.”

“We need to stock up on food and water… I can only make so much with saltwater rations, you know,” I advise.

“Sooner we can get out of this bug-infested swamp the better,” mutters Priest grimly.

“And here I thought you were into all that divine pain and suffering,” I chuckle. “What are we going to do about the prisoners from the last raid?”

“We should sell them into slavery,” grumbles Priest.

“I may be a pirate…but there are some things even I won’t do,” answers Zach.

“Agreed,” I add with a frown. “We are not slavers… we’re equal opportunity employers. Those who choose to join us get paid, and those who don’t either get unfortunately killed in battle, set freed far away from us, or ransomed.”

“Same difference,” Priest mutters to himself.

“All this talk about morals is making me thirsty,” offers Zach as a way to change the subject. “I think it’s time to get a room and find a bar while we’re waiting for the ship to finish up.”

“Perfect opportunity to share tales of our victory!” cheers Drago.

“If you’re going to tell our story, shouldn’t there be a Captain?” I ask as I clap him on the shoulder and smile. “I think you’d make a great one.”

Drago smiles as his eyes light up at the possibilities. “You know… all throughout bardic college I always dreamed of being a sea captain…”

A few hours later we’re clanking our flagons together and singing bawdy wenching songs as Drago strolls down the long table enrapturing listeners with his story. An older gentleman with a white topknot and sideburns pats his rotund stomach with a contented smile and comes to sit down next to us.

“I am fascinated by your captain’s tales of adventure, friends. I am Iro, a weary traveler and humble tea maker who seeks the kind of adventure that you and your friends seem to encounter every day. “ He leans over the table and grins. “By any chance are you recruiting?”

“Well… we do need a new Quarter Master… you any good with books and numbers?” Zach asks with a scratch of his beard.

“Cooked and otherwise,” Iro smiles. He reaches into a pouch and pinches some herbs into a steaming hot cup of water on the table before taking a large whiff of it. “I have also come across many recipes for tea in my travels… many of which that have been known to supply beneficial effects.”

“Ah, a drinking man who supplies his own drinks… my favorite kind!” exclaims Drago as he walks down the table to stick a hand out to Iro. “Welcome aboard!”

“Now that I think about it… it wouldn’t hurt to see if anyone else around here wanted to join us, eh?” ponders Zach before finishing off the last of his ale and wiping his mustache on his sleeve.

“You will most likely find many people willing to leave this place,” says Iro. “The people here are suffering from a very bad draught; doesn’t make a good place for a tea maker,” he finishes in a whisper.

“If the Gods are willing, perhaps I can aid them in resupplying them with water and fresh food supplies… at least for a little while,” offers Priest.

“If things are that bad, I better make sure I get what I can for the ship,” I say worriedly before getting up from the table. “I’ll meet you guys back at the ship.”


I’m able to get a few pounds of cured fish and crab, but not really enough for the whole crew. I may have to ration this out for special occasions… it will help break up the days of hard bread and soup. As I’m walking back to the ship, however, I notice some of the rest of the gang hanging out around a game of 9 Pins that has formed in the street. “Come on… I’ve got coin on this next one!” bellows Zach.

The man’s next throw is interrupted by the scream of a woman pointing to the beach where a man was pulling in one of the roped kegs from the water. “He was right there, and then something in the water pulled the rope right out of his hands… and then he was gone!” she sobs.

I run towards the beach and unsheathe my sword as Iro joins me soon after. I’m surprised… the old man can move quickly when he wants to; maybe there’s something to his tea after all.

“Can you see it?” asks Iro as he points towards the water. “Water naga!”

I catch the movement under the water and quickly recite the words of a spell as balls of light launch from my hand into the water to strike the creature. It must’ve been enough to distract it from its meal, as suddenly a man breaks the surface of the water splashing frantically. Unfortunately I was now its focus as it launched out of the water with gnashing teeth toward my neck. I just manage to fall backwards into the shallow water with a quickly raised spell shield as it misses me by a hair.

I have to shake the sudden urge to rest from my head as Zach’s calming words reach out to the naga. “You don’t want to fight us… it would be so much easier if you just laid down… and rested…” The naga rears back for a moment before its eyes roll up in its head and it curls into a pile in the shallow waters and closes its eyes.

Zach takes the moment to dive into the water to rescue the floundering man as I get to my feet and draw my cutlass crackling with lightning across its blade.

“Wait… that’s an intelligent creature… it has family!” yells Iro.

“So do the people of this cove,” I reply before bringing my sword down with a crashing blow cut its head clean from the neck. I take a deep breath and look around to the others… noticing for the first time that Zach still hasn’t come back with the drowning man. And then it hits me…

“Ah goddess… Zach can’t swim that well!” I groan aloud as I sheath my sword.

“Thankfully I have a tea for that,” says Iro with a smile before gulping down a cup and diving into the waters. It’s not long before he trudges up the sandy beach with a weary Zach and sailor in tow. He is soon surrounded by grateful locals who take the man off his hands and help him to one of the shanties.

“You ok, Zach?”

“Nothing a few flagons of ale wouldn’t cure,” Zach replies with a grin as he pulls some seaweed out of his beard.


“I’ve got to thank you guys for what you did for old Bill,” says Rickety as he reaches behind the bar to pull out a dusty bottle and a worn leather pouch heavy with coin. “This is because Rickety always pays his debts…” he pushes the pouch over to reveal 500 gold coins in side. “This…” he pulls down 5 shot glasses and pours a small amount of a golden liquid into each before handing them to us, “is to say thank you. When I tell tales of your ship… what name shall I give them?”

“Hmmn… we should name her after Besmara,” I suggest to the others, who nod in agreement.

“Besmara’s Blade!” says Zach. “I think it has a nice ring to it.” Drago grins, and we all nod.

“Very well then,” says Rickety as he takes up his shot glass for a toast. “Here’s to Besmara’s Blade, protector of pirates and scourge of the seven seas!”


DAY 6 – we’ve maxed out our infamy here.

Zack wants to grab the Naga so we can get the hide from it for boots, hats, etc in order to make the crew identifiable.

I ask him to identify things. Ah, fertility drug! Oil of Taggit: IF you fail a save you’re unconscious for a few hours. Contraceptive!

I ask him to check out our locked chest from the Grindylow Druid. He fails the first time. 2nd time good… velvet lined box with 6 flasks in it. They are Alchemist Fire.

Swarm coming in from the distance… LARGE WASPS the size of horses! Workers run towards the commons and we run to shelter as a small pod of wasps catches up with us. One lands between me and Zack, and I slice it twice before casting a spell through it and destroying it. Zack casts mirror image. Iro drinks his mutagen. Drogo struggles with a mean wasp. I kill it with a sword and launch a magic missile at the one attacking Iro.

Zack takes splash damage from Iro’s bomb as it hits a wasp. We get towards some cover and see a trio of wasps attack a female dock worker. I cast magic missile that pisses them off… Zack casts a sound burst. Iro throws a bomb. One falters and flees leaving two of them trying to hold her aloft. Drogo hits one with a sling stone. Another flees leaving one that dropped the lady. I swing my sword and smacked it, infecting it with filth and fever from the swamp before it dies. We grab the lady and get her back to safety. Iro gives her cure tea.

“Must be the heat… they don’t ever come this far south.”
“Thanks, you guys are proving useful. I appreciate that. After they realize there’s no meat they’ll go away.”

After a while we go check to make sure it’s still clear. No wasps, but there’s a Cellish Galleon in the harbor that happens to be a bunch of Demon Worhsippers. The Strix. A landing party is out on the docks with 8 buccaneers and a leader.

“Friends of yours?”

Formal, military, looks Andoran. Rag tag crowd of pirates behind him. Military gone bad look to him. We try to look casual. Iro gives him tea and the captain seems rather amicable. Pardon my men… you understand how one must need protection especially with the Man’s Promise being stolen.

Do me the honor of allowing me to cristen it. He’s a well known pirate. lost a leg and got kicked out of the navy. honorable guy if you don’t cross him. it’s good luck to have a captain of note cristen your vessel. We offer to cook dinner with Captain Pegsworthy.

Pirate Booty
The current listing of booty and take for the Man's Promise


  • heavy crossbow
  • dead captain’s rapier
  • +1 studded leather armor (damaged and cut for a female)
  • 16 ballista bolts
  • 2 light ballista
  • +1 ballista bolt
  • Rahadoom Chainmail Shirt
  • Suit of very fine leather armor
  • 6 spears

  • 3 sharp daggers
  • (4) +1 crossbow bolts
  • silver spearhead
  • 2 m studded leather armor
  • 2 light crossbows
  • 20 bolts
  • 2 boarding pikes
  • 2 short swords
  • 6 grappling hooks
  • heavy crossbow
  • masterwork rapier


  • 1/2 of a pair of bracers
  • Whale Skull w/ Scrolls: *alter self, *black tentacles, *blur, *color spray, *daylight, *enlarge person, hypnotism, *slow, touch of idiocy, and *vampire touch.
  • Hip flask with a crocodile on the side of it: liquid contraceptive.
  • Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds
  • Shackles of Compliance (3rd level) – auto-lock, susceptible to intimidation (+4 checks), holder of key can cast Command 3/day on wearer of shackles.
  • a silver ring with images of waves. (magic)
  • 1 potion of Cure Moderate
  • 1 elixir of Swimming
  • 5 Cure Light


  • captured food stocks from Andoran ship
  • gourmet food stocks from Blood Cove
  • 8 high level courtier garb

5 1 lb bricks of black pepper – 10 gold worth. 

  • silver tankard – 30gp
  • Monster Tooth: a foot long hole in side with plug of seaweed in it.
* iron bracelet.

  • Small locked chest – 6 vials of Alchemist Fire
  • 2 barrels full of cheap perfume
  • snuffbox
  • Diamond Stud
  • Pouch of Dark Reaver Powder
  • small black vial w/ skull & crossbones
  • 1 Alchemist Fire
Cassandra's Log - Part 8
Ghouls Just Want to Have Fun

Cassie banner

The soothing notes of one of Zack’s songs seem to comfort the others as they thrash restlessly under the sway of Ghoul Fever, leaving Sendara and I to sit and tend the fire as we make camp along the cliffside that night.

“Do you suppose we could come up with an herbal remedy?” I ask hopefully.

“Without divine intervention I’m afraid all we can do is prolong the time before…” she shakes her head and stabs at the fire with a stick, the thought of her friends waking as ghouls to painful to voice.

“Jack, is that you? Where did you go, brother?” Zack mutters before launching into a coughing fit and huddling beneath a blanket.

“He’s first mate on Besmara’s crew now, and in good hands,” I assure him gently as I check his brow. Damn… I think he’s getting worse.

“May Besmara have a place for us all,” Sendara adds quietly.

“Until then, I’d settle for our boat getting here,” I reply as I stare out over the water. Wait… there…what is that? I pull a small signal mirror from my pouch and do my best to reflect the moonlight across the water. After a few moments a light flashes again, and I whisper a quick thanks to Besmara for not needing us just yet.

“Looks like our ride is here,” I smile as I take a battered tricorn hat from my pack and dust it off with a quick cantrip. “You’ll be wanting to look your best, I imagine.”

Sendar’s eyes widen in surprise and she grins as she adjusts the hat to just the right angle. “I do believe I’m feeling better already.”

“Good,” I smile as I clap her on the shoulder. “Now let’s see if we can help them do the same.”

A skiff arrives manned by one of the Rahadoom sailors who helps us load Priest, Zack and Drago on board. A quick incantation of Dancing Lights softly illuminates our way as we row back to the ship in relative silence over our sick friends. About a mile off the island, however, I can’t help but notice that the lights are glinting off of something metalic in the water. I do my best to look without tipping the skiff and swear I can see a ship wrecked on the reef below, about 40-50 feet down. Definitely worth exploring… but not until we’ve taken care of our friends first.

Cheers go up about the ship as we return with Sendara and many of our missing crew. Cogsworth reports in that the Rhadoom are quite good sailors for a bunch of godless heathens, and that the repairs to the ship are now completed.

“I hear you’re good with the medicine, Priest,” says Sendara as she waves the Rhadoom carrying the others down below decks. “Why don’t you help me below and we’ll get you and the rest of these fellas top shape again.”

“Meanwhile,” I say to myself as I unload the sacks of frog and crab meat, “I think we all deserve something other than tack and sea biscuits for a meal. I’ll be in the kitchen making preparations.”

Thanfully the illness seems to break after a few days of rest and better food… leaving them with a few bad nightmares and some general weakness (Priest likes to say Amelia a lot), but otherwise no worse for wear.

The next morning after breakfast I inform the others of the ship I saw beneath the waves. “You never know what we might find… could be treasure, could be good salvage we can use for the ship.”

“Could be sharks,” Drago snorts.

“What happened to your sense of adventure, Captain?” I joke as I refill my cup.

“It’s feeling a bit waterlogged right now,” he smirks. “The thought of gold might dry me out a bit though.”

Once we’re over the spot that I remember we tie a heavy weight to the bottom of our rope and I cast a light cantrip that it makes it glow softly. “A little light to guide our way…” I turn to our perpetually glum doctor and hand him a bag from my pouch made of sealskin. “And a little present for you, Priest… only thing wet gunpowder is good for is frustration.”

“Look… you can just make out the ship now… looks like it’s split into three parts,” Zach says to the others as he leans over the side.

“That will make it easier to search then,” I reply. “We’ll tug the rope if there’s trouble.”

“May your strength and courage be enough to bring you back,” the Rahadoom sailor mutters. I smile and touch my fingers to my head in a salute before looking to the others.

“May Besmara guide our way…” and with a splash we’re gone into the dark waters below.

Priest makes the swim a little easier for us with his divine magic as suddenly it’s much easier to breathe. Once the ship becomes clearer, a quick detection cantrip reveals a large gargoyle head at the fore, and a 15×15 cage on the deck with its bars bent and pried apart.

“Looks like it was called The Infernus,” Zach notices as he cleans off seaweed from a nameplate.

“This is an ungodly Chelish ship,” warns Priest. “We should take care and leave.”

“Yeah…” I reply distractedly as Drago’s summoned dolphin twitches in agitation not far away. “I think you’re right.”

I’m just finishing the incantation for a mystical shield when a large Moray Eel strikes from the shadows and swallows the dolphin whole.

“Blast it!” I yell as I launch a burst of missiles at it. Zach screams and the eel reels back as if struck from the harsh sound. Priest dives forward with his guns blazing, striking it in the side before the eel’s jaws whip around to snap closed around his torso.


I strike the eel with my cutlass and manage a deep gauge along it’s throat that begins to bleed heavily. I quickly follow it with another missile barage that finally convinces the eel to free Priest from its jaws.

“There’s too much blood,” warns Zach as the eel convulses in pain. “Sharks won’t be far behind.”

“I don’t think he’s sticking around for us to finish the job,” I reassure him as the eel swims away in a panic. “Hopefully the sharks will follow his trail and leave us alone long enough to take care of Priest and finish our task.”

A quickly downed healing potion allows Priest to recover enough that he’s able to cast his own healing magic to help finish the process. “That was close… but my God has no need of my personal services yet.”

“Good… let’s see if we can finish up so we can write some good stories about the scars you’re going to get from that then,” jokes Zach as he claps his shoulder in support.

The thought of sharks encourages us all to move at a quick clip… and after some searching we come away with some expensive chopsticks made from manticore spikes, three bottles of Chelish perfume, and an odd-shaped urn with a worn plaque and the remains of the word ‘Captain’ on it. Ashes of former captains, perhaps? It’s only about the size of a beer stein, so I store it in my backpack for later investigation. Everything else seems rusted and beaten to hell and back… so we all agree to head back to the ship.

We camp for the night and the next morning move on to explore the mesa, partly for salvage and supplies, partly to assuage Zack’s belief that his brother Jack might have washed up on shore.

“I’ve found a narrow path through some dense brush that leads up to the top,” Priest informs us after he comes back from his scouting. With a quiet nod we pack up our gear and gesture for Priest to lead the way.

“Looks like we might be intruding,” Drago whispers as we crouch down in the bushes to observe tall wooden walls, stockades, and a spring in the distance.

“I see no movement… no guards at the gate either, which happens to be open,” says Priest.

“Well then… we might as well investigate, right? Either we’ll find company or whatever killed them…”

“Strange…” mutters Priest as he moves to investigate a weathered spyglass fixed to the interior wall by the gate.

“What is it?”

“It seems that this spyglass was set here to observe one position only…the entrance to the watery cave of the grindylows.” He mutters a low enchantment and his eyes begin to glow with a white aura. “I recommend caution.”

Zack and I move to investigate the large tree in the middle of the encampment as Priest and Drago continue to search the small fort. I step cautiously around the gnarled roots of the tree and peer closely at the wood in the hopes of finding any identifying runes or marks… when suddenly a mass of vines shoot out from between the bark straight at my face!

I swiftly raise my arcane shield and stagger back as the plant mass slams into my barrier, soon followed by a creature with vine-like hands and feet. I swing at it with my sword as it crackles with electricity and cut the plant creature in twain before it disintegrates into ash. Before I can turn to Zack, however, another vine shoots from the tree and lashes across my cheek leaving a smear of red and the faint taste of copper to my lips. Drago charges at the creature entwined in the tree with his spear and with a gurgle the vines go limp.

“You ok?” he asks worriedly. I nod and he grins before whispering to Jabber and climbing up into the tree branches to investigate. After a few minutes he yells “Found something!” and tosses down an Elven femur with faint runes carved in it that gives off a slight glow of magic. Perhaps a proper burial will help whatever spirits that still inhabit this tree to finally get their rest.

“Let’s leave this tree alone and go check on our friends, shall we?” I say with a sigh as I wipe the blood from my cheek.


“We found some barrels of water and even some passable rum,” Zack says excitedly as we rejoin the rest of the party. “Not to mention this room… I think it belonged to the Captain or something.”

Zack pushes open the door to reveal a single chamber with ornate scarlet and dark wood furniture. “This looks very similar to what we found on the Infernus,” I comment as I take in the elegant writing desk and bed.

“I don’t recall the bloated corpse hanging from the ceiling before… did I miss that part?” Drago snorts before turning slightly green at the smell.

“Ugh… yeah… I think I’ll leave the investigating in here to you two,” ads Zack before he and Drago leave the room.

“I swear… you’d think they’d learn how to breathe through their mouth after being forced to clean the bilge tanks,” I joke as I search the writing desk.

“Did you hear that?” asks Priest as he stops to look around. “I think something tugged at my ankle!” I look around, but all I can see nearby is a metal collar with a chain running down to an eyehook in the floor.

GAH! It’s biting me!” Priest yells as he sinks to one knee.

“What is? I can’t see anything!” worries Zack before he casts a spell causing a burst of glittering dust to fall over the room. “Dammit… that was supposed to help!” he mutters.

Priest grabs at his medallion and mutters a prayer before a wave of positive energy radiates through the room. For a moment I can see it… a hunched humanoid figure with red eyes crouched over Priest’s leg. “Die, abomination!” I scream as I swing my cutlass and channel a spell of disruption through the blade that causes the creature to shriek in pain. I hold my sword out in front of me and stand back-to-back with Zack as I search frantically around the room, as the creature has disappeared from sight once again.

“Do you think it’s dead?” Zack whispers.

“One way to be sure,” Priest groans as he concentrates over his medallion once more. The positive energy radiates through us and I can feel it’s healing warmth… but I can no longer see or hear the red-eyed creature.

“I think we’re safe… for now.” Priest moans and grabs his leg as Zach puts an arm around him to help him up. “In the meantime, we’ll get you back to the ship for care and search through what goodies we found while some of the crew moves those barrells for us.”

Cassandra's Log - Part 7
Dagon it!

Cassie banner

Day… I don’t know, honestly… I’ve been too pre-occupied with these damn squiddies, and after hiking back to get the boat in order to access the entrance we found at the base of that cliff, I think I’ve lost track of a few days. It’s late afternoon by the time we make it back, but thankfully Besmara has blessed us with low tide for our task.

“There it is… you can make out the shepards at the entrance now,” says Drago as he lowers his spyglass. “We’ll weigh anchor in this cove and take a skiff out.”

“Well isn’t this grand,” groans Zach as we come into view of the entrance with the skiff and take in the small tunnel and the water lapping the rocks at about half level. “Looks like we’ve got a lot of swimming to do.”

“Or perhaps we could climb,” replies Priest as he points to a path down the rocks. “The climb is steep… but nothing good can be accomplished without suffering.”

“If it’s okay with the rest of you, I’m still going to send a scout to check out the top first,” says Drago as he rubs his hands together and mutters the incantation that summons a slightly glowing eagle to do his bidding. “Hmmn… no ambushes that I can see…”

“Well that settles it then,” says Zack with a wistful grin. “Did I ever tell you guys about the climbing contest that Jack and I had as kids? Let me tell you…”

I don’t know if it was just to get away from hearing that story for the 10th time, but it definitely seemed to push us along and soon we made our way to the top to find a barren, rocky expanse with nothing… but a 18ft hole in the ground.

“Looks like we found the back door,” says Drago as he kicks a pebble down the hole and counts out the seconds before it splashes below into the water. “I’d say we’re about 40 feet up. Looks free of rocks if we want to dive down there, but it’s hard to be sure.”

“I could cast a spell that will aid our decent,” I offer as I peer down the hole with Drago.

“Whatever you’re going to decide, do it quick!” warns Zach as he points behind us. “Stirges!”

“Blood-sucking bastards!” I yell as I feel the prick of their needle-like nose in my back. I reach back and pull it off of me in frustration as I fight the wave of weakness that threatens to overcome me. Priest takes aim with one of his guns and then screams in pain as it backfires, sending him to his knees as he grabs at his eyes.

“That does it,” I mutter as I duck under the attack of one of them and chop another in mid air with my cutlass before sending a barrage of magic missiles into a third. “Everyone down the hole!”

Drago hops onto Jabber and rides the scrambling eidelon as it climbs down the hole into the cave. The others gather around the entrance and with a quick incantation of a Feather Fall spell we float gently into the waters below.

Drogo quickly dispells the eagle and summons a dolphin to guide us through another tunnel that seems to be purposely decorated with sharp points. “Be careful,” I whisper back to the others as I take point. While a part of me is glad to be back swimming in the waters again… this is not the location I would choose. I motion Priest to come up and cast a Light spell on his holy symbol so that we can make out more details as we move down the tunnel into a large circular room.

“I think I just felt something move around my ankles,” I warn as I freeze at the sudden sensation.

“It looks like there’s an island of sorts in the middle there… it might be a good idea to get out of the water if we can,” says Priest.

“I’ve got a bad feeling about this…” I mutter as I make my way to the rocks and climb out. Zach follows after me with a story about how his brother Jack once wrestled an alligator after it brushed up against him without asking first. He’s soon interrupted by the screams of Drago, however, as eight of those damn squiddies rise out of the water to attack.

Four of the slimy bastards slither over the rocks towards me with spears raised, so I give one the taste of my blade before sending a spell of Shocking Grasp through it, leaving it flailing in the water before it dies. Priest stabs another as it attempts to bite his ankles and Drago flails in a panic, but still manages to knock one against the rocks unconscious.

We manage to kill the rest after a heated battle, though Priest is left feeling a little sickly after being scratched by one of those… things. “We need to keep going… do you think you can manage?”

Priest nods stoically as he tightens a bandage around his arm, and we continue through a narrow and slippery pathway covered in seaweed that opens up into a large open room with three rocky islands covered in sharp rocks and a faint blue light emanating from a foul smelling moss on the ceiling. The far end of the chamber has two opposing tides meeting, creating water spouts and turbulent waves.

“Hold up,” I warn as I make out pieces of cork with fishhooks tied to them floating amidst the seaweed. “I don’t know if this is an alarm or just meant to slow us down… but I’m going to need to clear these.” It takes a few minutes… but thankfully a Mage Hand cantrip is good enough for the task in case there’s anything more dubious about the devices. The movement is slow, but eventually we’re able to make our way through the waters along the side of the cave.

“Strange… do you see here?” says Priest as he runs his hand along the wall. “These markings… they are crude, but seem to depict the ancient sea deity Dagon.”

Suddenly I feel my blood run cold… and it’s not just because of the water we’ve been swimming in. I glance around at the walls and the islands and take in the garishly painted symbols that seem to decorate the entire cave… when it’s not decorated with hooks and other pointy things.

“We need to get out of here… now, before they sacrifice us to their inhuman fish god!”

“I concur… this place does give off an unholy aura. It would be best if we depart.” replies Priest.

A large iron grill suddenly smashes down from the ceiling, taking Drogo under the depths as it pins him to the rocks. “Come on… if we work together, I think we can raise it!” I tell Priest, and after a few moments Drago kicks to the surface.

“Come on, let’s move!”

We continue on through another tunnel that splits off when a large form the size of a small horse explodes out of the water with black tentacles and glowing red eyes. Thankfully fiend-touched squids don’t like the taste of steel and lightning any more than the next monster, and it takes off down the other tunnel with a squirt of foul smelling ink that I sincerely hope doesn’t get in my hair.

“Just go ahead and kill me, you sons of bitches!” we hear a female voice growl from a cave ahead.

“Hey, is that…” Zach asks before we all raise a finger to our lips. “Do you think that’s Sendara?” he continues in a whisper.

The woman’s scream echos down the hall followed by a splash, leaving no time to answer. We all run into the large room to see a larger than usual female squiddy covered in jewelry and skulls, with an even larger, mansized squiddy behind her laughing as Sendara’s red hair disappears beneath the waves.

Drago quickly summons a dolphin and grabs hold as it dives beneath the waves to rescue our endangered cleric while Zach begins singing a song reminiscent of the lullibies I’d hear as a child. The big grindylow’s roar turns into a yawn as Zach yells out, “I slowed him down… go get him!”

I leap into the fray with my cutlass drawn and with a big swing knock the squiddy druid into the wall where she slumps into a heap on the ground before sending a summoned splash of acid into the face of the larger one. The remaining squiddy charges me in anger and attempts to bite me… but thankfully a quickly summoned spell shielf just manages to keep his rotten teeth from around my arm.

I risk a quick glance at the water and notice in fear that Drago still hasn’t come up yet. Priest dives down to help as Zack begins telling a story of how his brother heroically defeated a monster larger than him single-handedly.

It takes more strikes with my sword than I’d imagined to finally fell the angry beast… but thankfully my spell shield held long enough for me to make him a new throat-hole.

Sendara bursts out of the water with a grateful gasp of air, soon followed by our other missing crewmen as well as Priest, who seems to be holding a Drago-sized statue in his arms.

“What happened down there?” I ask worriedly as I clean the squiddy blood from my sword and join them. “Is he ok?”

“Good news is there’s a lot of treasure down there,” Zach says as he runs his hand through his wet hair to get it off his face.

“And the bad news?”

“Ghouls.” Priest deadpans. “The halfling is temporarialy paralyzed… but he will improve with time.” He takes out his holy symbol and stands by the water. “In the meantime, my duties call to me.” He raises up the symbol and with a chant a glowing wave of energy eminates from him multiple times and into the water. “…that should do it,” he mutters before groaning and collapsing on the ground.

“Crap… I think he’s got Ghoul Fever,” Sendara warns as she checks him over.

Zach turns a pasty green as sweat beads across his brow. “Yeah… I don’t feel too good myself.”

“We need to get all of you back to the ship,” I reply. “Now that their leader is vanquished, perhaps Besmara will look over us and they will scatter.”


*Precious metal inlade shark scrimshaw – massive octopus eating whales drawing. dozen silver and gold rings hammered into the bone. Worth about 250 gp.

*Monster Tooth: a foot long hole in side with plug of seaweed in it. I pull the seaweed out of it… 6 pearls with 75gp each roll out.

*Whale skull with arcane symbols and scrimshaw (25lbs 3 ft across) – functions as a series of scrolls: *alter self, *black tentacles, *blur, *color spray, *daylight, *enlarge person, hypnotism, *slow, touch of idiocy, and *vampire touch.

*8 4lb silver ingots (20gp each) off of the prisoners.

*gleaming untarnished crossbow bolts – 4 (+1)
*silver spearhead
*iron bracelet.
*1/2 of a pair of bracers. (magical)

Cassandra's Log - Part 6

Cassie banner

Day 23 – The morning is spent splitting up into groups and setting about fixing the damages that the rocks and the Grindylows subjected our poor ship to. Thankfully the rocks are keeping the damage out of the water and making it easier for repairs, and the Rahadoom sailors who survived are more than eager to help repair the ship now that they know they won’t suffer the same fate from us as they did our captain. Cogward may not be the kindest supervisor… but he keeps things disciplined and gets things done. I just hope that we can get enough wood from the deck to fix everything.

“Looks like it’ll take 2 days for the repairs to be completed, Cap’n,” he informs Drago.

“That should give us enough time to explore Bonewreck Island, then. We need to get our crew back, as well as refill our water and food supply. Keep up the good work with the repairs, and we shall return forthwith.”

Cogward nods and heads back to oversee the Rahadoom while we climb into one of the boats and explore the coast for an opening in the tall cliffs that seem to surround the island. After about 2 or 3 miles we finally find a small bit of beach with a delapitated village of bamboo cottages strewn about.

“There’s something strange sticking out of the water…” Priest notices. “I think it’s a skeleton.”

“Halfling, looks like it…” I mutter as we row closer. “Look at the scrimshaw… this is quite the intricate design.” I run my finger along the bone as I gaze at the carved tentacles and runes. “This doesn’t seem magical, though… more of a primitive religious fetish than anything. Still…” A piece of femur comes free easily and I stow it in a pouch for later inspection. While it’s not magical now, it certainly could be later.

“I’ve read about the Grindylows doing things like this,” Zack offers. “I think they’re called Shepards.” Good… maybe we’re on the right track then. What could they be sheparding, though?

Drogo heads off on Jabber towards the village as the rest of us row to shore and tie off the boat. “I don’t see any tracks… but there are a few more Shepards over that way,” I say as I point off towards the jungle.

“Nothing here,” Drogo replies. “Looks like they packed up and left, other than a human skeleton over there that met a nasty end. I’ll take point if we want to continue down that path.”

We head past the Shepards due south and trudge through the swamp for about a mile when the path deadends into a bog. There are a few remnants of a wooden bridge, but mostly just the pylons and the platforms at each end.

“Well, we could try the pylons, or there’s some vines up there we could swing across…” Drogo mutters.

“Outtamyway!” Zack yells as he springs past us and skips along the pylons sticking out of the swamp. Suddenly a long fleshy projectile shoots out of the murky water, but just misses him before sinking back into the darkness.

“Kill the frog!” exclaims Zack as he makes it to the other side, quickly followd by Priest and Drogo.

I climb quickly up through the vines and perch on one of the thicker branches as I wait for the projectile. I can just hear the splash of water before the frogs tongue lashes out…but it gives me just enough time to shift to the side and grab it as my hand crackles with electricity.

“Eat this, amphibian!” I chuckle as the electricity from my Shocking Grasp cascades down the tongue to a flailing frog below. Fortunately it doesn’t suffer long before Drago spears it and puts it out of its misery.

“Mmmm… frogs legs!” I say with glee as I drop down and pull out my skinning knife. “Give me a minute so I can gather some stock… I can probably get a good 12lbs off of this thing!”

“Bleh… I hope you’re going to cook it, because I’ve just decided raw frog is nasty ,” Zack exclaims as he spits out a piece.

“Come on, I think I found more Shepards this way,” Priest shouts. “Human heads this time… and it looks like they didn’t take the time to clean them.”

“You’ve got some skills, my man,” Zack says with a smile as he claps the morose priest on the shoulder. “You’re just the tracking gun-toting cleric of death, aren’t ya?”

We’re travelling for another half mile or so through the bog when we come across even more Shepards. “These are Elven females… dead about 6 months, I’d say,” Priest warns.

“We must be getting closer then. Good.”

“Yeah… this place is seriously starting to reek. I hope we find Sendara so we can get the heck off this rock.” Zack agrees as he holds his nose.

“Gods… you’re not kidding! What is that smell? It’s like rotting flesh and cheap perfume.”

The path of overgrown swampland suddenly opens up into a clearing with a rather large and musty old tree growing out of the middle of it. The bottom of the tree is draped in tents, however, with the trunk decorated in a collection of faces and body parts.

“Gross! Do you think this is their camp?”

“Maybe we could use the trees to our advantage and come at them with a two-pronged attack,” I theorize when I notice Drago casting a Detect Magic cantrip and moving towards the tents.

“Why do you always assume they’re going to be hostile?” he mutters as Priest and I follow behind him with our weapons at the ready.

“I don’t know… must be the smell and the rotting heads on spikes,” I reply to noone in particular.

Jabber creeps into the tent to spy around, but with a gasp from Drago comes racing back out again as a curtain opens to reveal four emaciated figures in badly stained raggedy gowns and corsets wearing brightly colored wigs. They’d almost remind me of the worst parts of some of the bigger cities I’ve seen on my travels… if it weren’t for the drooping grey skin, claws, and gnashing teeth.

One of them launches at Priest with a snarl and chomps down on his neck like a vampire would its next meal. He screams for a brief moment before his body jerks and stops moving. I reflexively pull the vial of Holy Water I’d been saving for a rainy day from my belt pouch and smash it over the creatures back before stumbling back away from the encroaching ghoulish prostitutes.

The ghoul sizzles and turns into goo that drips down the front of the still unmoving Priest.
He jerks into movement a few seconds later before I can even wonder if he’s dead, however… and gasping for air he clutches at his holy symbol and yells. “Abominations be gone!”

“Nice try, Priest,” Drago chuckles before skewering another with his spear. “Try your gun next time.”

Zack screams out before becoming paralyzed as one of the ghouls takes a bite out of his shoulder. I stab the one in front me with my cutlass and as I duck its return swing send a barrage of magic missiles towards the ghoul attacking Zack. Thankfully Priest takes Drago’s advice to heart and finishes off the last ghoul with a well-placed hole in its head thanks to his gun.

“Disgusting,” he mutters as he wipes what he can of the ghoul goop off of him. “I’m going to tend to Zack in one of the tents now that it’s all clear.”

“Good idea, we’ll see what we can find around here before we head out again.”

Drago and I search through the other tents and come away with chests full of female clothing and jewelry, including a rather beautifully done wedding dress inlaid with pearls and rubies and a whalebone corset with mother of pearl inlays. The poor woman… she was hoping for a brighter future that she’d never see. At least now, perhaps, her soul can find peace.

We also find the following:

  • Hip flask with a crocodile on the side of it: unidentified potion inside.
  • 3 sharp daggers
  • Small locked chest
  • 2 barrels full of cheap perfume
  • Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds
  • 12 silver and obsidian hat pins
  • 250 gp – 97 sp – 56 cp

Zach eventually is able to shake of the paralysis with the help of Priest and enters with Sendara’s tricorn hat in hand. “I think Priest found the trail again,” he says grimly as he tosses it down on the pile of women’s clothes.

“Don’t give up hope, my friend… she’s not lost yet.” We stash the heavier booty that we find and make note of the tree’s location so that we can head back this way when we return to the ship. No need to lug barrels of perfume through the swamp, after all.

We continue on the trail that Priest found towards the southern edge of the island when he notices a sign of struggle and a new trail leading off to a grove of coconut trees.

“Looks fine to me,” says Drago.

“Wait,” Priest warns as he looks ahead. “I see movement up ahead… I think there are three large crabs hiding in the grove.”

I glance at Zack and Priest with their bandaged wounds after that ghoul attack and come to a quick decision. “They aren’t worth the trouble. Let’s keep going.”

Priest nods and continues until we come to a large fenced off area that seems to be growing crops. Corn, to be precise. As the path continues, more and more heads on spikes appear along the road with bones littering the path and clouds of bugs up above.

“Now that’s what I’m talking about,” I say with a smile as I inspect the crops and start pulling ears off and putting them into my bag. “You know… this could be a good way to set up an ambush. We could set fire to the crop, take cover with our weapons, and shoot whatever comes up that path.”

“Worth a try, anyway,” Zack replies.

Yeah… it sounded like a good idea anyway… too bad I didn’t think about the bugs . After a few minutes of panicked swatting and running the bug exodus departs from the area, leaving us stung and bleeding. Thankfully we have a cleric to help save us from my crazy ideas.

The sun begins to set along the cliffs so we decide that we might as well camp since we already have a fire. Besides, now I get a chance to try out some ideas for new recipies with the frog meat.

“You know,” Drago begins while chomping around a piece of corn, “I could always summon some birds to scout ahead for us.”

Zack shoves Drago in the shoulder. “Why didn’t you tell us that earlier?”

He shrugs. “I figured you all would ask…” He sets down the corn and closes his eyes for a moment when an eagle appears with a slight glow around it that flies down the coastline. “Mmm…. yup… looks like there’s something interesting about a mile south of here. We should probably check it out while the fire is burning… might be a good distraction.”

“Ok… but not until we’re done eating.” I reply as I shake a frog leg at him. Mmmn… yeah… definitely going to have to make this again when I get my hands on more spices.

“But of course!” Drago answers with a grin as he rubs his full belly.

Once I’ve picked up we make our way quietly down the path and peek through a clump of reeds to spy a number of Grindylows swimming off towards the edge of a cliff side with an opening in it.
Drago’s eagle flies out to scout and we make our way to the bottom of the cliff so that we can camp in one of the larger crevasses until morning.

Day 24 – Zack sings quietly of his brother through the night as we take turns at watch. When it’s my turn I encounter the guests that Zack’s singing attracted… two cat-sized dragonflies. Good thing for us, my Papa shared stories around the fire about how the tail meat is a delicacy in some lands…

When morning breaks Priest does his best to regain the trail, but loses them at the water’s edge. Thankfully Drago doesn’t need to be asked before he summons his Eagle to look for entrances in the cliffs, and his Dolphin to search for any entrances underwater.

“I think the eagle has found it,” Drago tells us after a few minutes. “It’s at the base of a cliff around the lip of the island.”

“That will take a lot of swimming,” Priest warns.

“Which is why we’re going back for the ship.” I answer. “We need to pick up that stash, anyway.”


It’s about 3pm by the time we make it back after navigating around the reefs. Tide waters are going down… and reveal a tunnel framed with another pair of grisley shepards.

“Zack, you should write a message for the crew to let them know what’s going on with us. I’ll send it via the eagle, just in case anything happens.”

Yeah… just in case.


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