The lost kingdom of Ghol-Gan (pronounced GOHL-gahn) included what is today known as the Shackles and Mediogalti Island, as well as the southern part of the Sodden Lands and a section of the western Mwangi Expanse.

It predates the rise of Azlant, having been at its height during the Age of Serpents. Some of its ruins have survived the ravages of time, and their similarity to the ruins of the cyclopes kingdoms in northern Casmaron indicate that the people of Ghol-Gan were also cyclopes.

The ruins in the area known today as the Shackles depict horrific scenes of blood sacrifice and cannibalism. In 4111 AR, explorers from Cheliax discovered the ruins. Understandably finding the scene extremely disturbing, they declined to settle there, convinced that the coastline was haunted and cursed; instead they continued southward and founded the colony of Sargava.

The last patriarch of Ghol-Gan was Ammelon VI. His treasures are said to be contained within the waterlogged temple of Xanthuun in the Sodden Lands. Most of the information known today about Ghol-Gan was obtained by expeditions into these extremely dangerous ruins.

Hundreds have also found death over the years trying to explore the sunken ruins beneath the Gold Phoenix Aviary in the hope of finding some of Ammelon VI’s treasure there.


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