Skull and Shackles

Notes to be transcribed

running low on fresh water – aim for Mwangi expanse and go up river to find fresh water – let’s try to be normal and casual in our water getting
Drago strikes a pose as he pilots the ship. We decide to send out hunting parties as well. I make a ring as Sadi makes daggers for a day. We find a great spot with mangroves, animals, etc and rivers with fresh water and dry land. We get some mammals and an alligator, meat for 2 days worth of meals or saved for later.

We get water, hunting parties return by lunch the next. One fried on local mushrooms, but all return and one refuses to go back because he saw huge anoconda.

Huh, Cheliax, he says when he spies a pendant in the trees. Iro says “4 masts, big ship.”

“Crap, that’s the Dominator, a man of war pirate ship.” 4 masts, 60 cannon.

We plot.

Yeah, I’ve seen these before. If it’s the same as the Varisian ships, it’s got a steering wheel with a pully activated rudder to steer it from the cabin below. We can’t sneak, so we’re going to blow up the rudder from the outside of ship with Iro and Sadie.

We row up stream at night in group of 4. Bombs would start an attack, so distraction and sneaking aboard.

We row quietly, and then swim towards ship. Iro gives us Shield potion. Drago casts Haste, we drink Iro infusions and swim faster.

I scan around and petty sure we haven’t been heard. 2nd lvl down from the top is where we need to go.
Ornate carvings and handholds of Azmodeus. I zoom past everyone up the ship side, along comes Sadi with Drago behind who slips, falls on top of Iro, and they grunt loudly as they fall into the water and swim underwater.

I fake noises of Dolphins in the hopes to cover the splashing. The whisk of crossbow bolts hitting the water. one nicks Drago. They swim to other side of ship while under Haste.

Someone vaguely officer like puts hands on shoulder of crossbow dude and stops firing. INTRUDERS! Lights come on all around. I cast Vanish and leap up on deck to find door below while IRo and Drago pull up and Drago summons giant centipede that gets tangled in the rigging.

Sadi casts Sanctuary on herself.

I go down the stairs to a door with 4 guys standing in front of it. guy on one end has red skin and pointed ears. other guy has solid black eyes. Bet they are Tieflings. I need to go one level down. Guys coming up from ladders of guys with men and black armor with crossbows and longswords.

Iro props open window on side of ship. Drago summons fire elemental that burns sails. at least 80 marines with flaming longswords.

Sadie attempts to parlay with the pirates. Take me to your leader!

Do you smell smoke?

I move through hallways trying to find rudder room acrobatically. Best I can see there’s another 30 or 40 marines that have yet to come on deck. Overall 130 marines.

Iro climbs into the room and stumbles around, finds a cage with the ropes. Sadi is a distraction .

I weave through the crowds of soldiers, recall my Vanish spell and cast it again before it fades as I make my way to where I think the door should be. Iro uses alchemical fire to try and set the ropes. Drops fire, sets fire to strange fabrics, stinking cloud effect created by fire. Sadi calls lightning.

Reeking smell of herring farts detected. I pull my scarf over my face and look for smell because anything that obnoxious has to come from those two. I knock softly/scratch at the door. nothing.

I smell more fire and hear it burning. I hear things piled against the door and threaten in Halfling that if he doesn’t open the door I’m going to use his Eidelon as a bath rug. Sadi’s lightning strikes the mast and guys on deck. Mast falls onto the other mast.

Iro drops a bomb on the gears/ropes, gets burned a bit. face full of backlash after he forces a bomb through the grate. I break down the door with my sword in a growl. Iro says we don’t have time and dives off the ship.


DungeonMasterLoki Kenari_Sanura

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