Skull and Shackles

Game Notes 03/21/13

Crew discusses need for more plunder, and suggests Tide Water Rock.

3 Andorans and Sadi the Undine Water Cleric of Nice was a prisoner that joins us. Iro offers her tea. What’s not to like? It’s water with leaves in it! She’s an Undine, human/water elemental hybrid. She grew up in Waterworld. “Tell me about the tea you drank there!”

“Black like the tar on the machines”
“Sounds like Dwarven coffee!”
“Here, try the Tears of Besmara tea it can give you benefits you already have”

I’m a cloud reader who can predict the weather as well. Iro offers us 4 crystals that provide 1 minute of water breathing a piece.

“I don’t plan on going into the water. Why would you want to go down there? They’ll eat you in one gulp.”

“Only if you’re the slowest swimmer”


“Do I get paid? Join us!” Cleric argues her worth and why she should get paid as part of the crew.

“What are you guys into, eh?”

Zach: “You’ll see on the first night that we all like to perform. Do you dance or anything?”

No, I make weapons and armor. Although I could make costumes! I could make floaty driftwood armor!

So what’s next? We need more booty and weapons, so let’s go looking for ships!

After 3 days we encounter a rain storm and start lashing everything down because Gwyn warns us.

We encounter a ship in the distance – I cast Clarion Call and yell out to the other ship that this is their chance to surrender. This is an Aspice Consortium ship – terrorists with tight control over money. assassins some of the most feared on the planet. You sure? We aren’t going to get infamous by being a bunch of pussies. Croup says we could get good plunder from these guys if we survive.

Sadie Calls Lightning as Zach casts Glitterdust on the captain. I cast Web on the main deck.

Drago casts Haste – Sadi’s lightning bolt comes down on the masts and kills one crew member. Webs catch fire – Zach casts grease and one guy falls off the deck. Mast falls over in fire, web goes off in flames, etc. Zach attacks ship with catapult.

Iro hands me a Bull Str tea. +4 STR and moves to the front of the ship

I try to figure out who the cap is and fire magic missile as i yell that this is their last chance to leave with the clarion call spell.

Drago receives a magical message – you take our ship the consortium will hunt you down till the end of your days. if you relinquish your stuff we’ll let you and your crew live.

They may be surrendering, go for the masts!

Sadi strikes masts again with lightning as the second one goes down, causing the ship to slow and list as Sadi cackles maniacally, dreadlocks flowing in the wind.

Zach casts Song of Surrender on the captain – sounds of fierce dogs barking causing intimidation. Captain drops prone. Crew throwing weapons overboard and hands in the air as they surrender.

1 BOX OF GLASS VIALS – 3: blue potions of remove disease and 3: brown cure light wounds

Iro and Drago argue about what we’re going to take, and what deals we made. Aspice Consortium are major business.

Drago tells them that Captain Hartigan (our old captain) doesn’t care about your consortium and I add that he has so much disdain for you that he wouldn’t attack them himself and sent us to do his dirty work. “The BOOTY CALL” will be name for our next ship.

We leave crew with their broken down ship and decide what to do next. Who wants some tea? You sure about this pot bellied weirdo? Iro offers tea and Croup throws it overboard.

We’re not far from Quint, decide to look for more ships to hit. I suggest we look to the Calistrian Holy Concubines of Quent for information on Lady Agatha and the Tide Water Rock.

5 days out, 2 hours before sundown on 3rd day we see a column of smoke rising in the sky to the east. Shall we investigate? Orders, captain? We pilot towards it I step on deck with coffee and see a Chelish single masted cutter called the Famished Mane – appears to have just finished taking the Boars Fang, which flies the skull and crossbones. I suggest we attack the Chelish and save these other pirates to see if we can get them to join our side. Boars Fang – Captain Sedantris Titarond female human captain.

We get in range, I cast Web on the deck of the ship by the steering, preventing them from disengaging from the flaming ship. now 60ft apart.


Drago just missed by 3 crossbow bolts by marines free of the webs. Sadi casts Hydro Push at sailor causing him to go over the side of the ship. Zach casts Chord of Shard on the sailors of the ship as she yells for men to fire on the ship with ballistas. I try to put out some of the fire with a Hydraulic Push but the flames are just too strong. Both ships are burning and being pulled underwater.

Sadi swims over to the other ship to try and help people on the flaming pirate ship by channeling energy. I swim over to join her and try and save people. sadi heals again while Zach and Iro attack and Drago summons creatures to help put out fires. Zach sings songs of surrender at burliest pirate.

I leap on deck with a Jump potion and break open the door with lightning sword, people file off into the water gratefully and I jump back in to help them. We save 14 members of the crew and guide them back to the ship. Drago’s elemental knocks out all the fires on deck.

Remaining crew have surrendered. Pirate ship is sank, surviving crew is grateful for their survival. Besmara’s Blade is merciful and Nice is good!

1 POINT OF PLUNDER for Famished Mane

THE 14 WANT TO STAY WITH US because we saved their hides- wide variety of riggers, deckhands, riggers, etc all human.


DungeonMasterLoki Kenari_Sanura

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