Skull and Shackles

Game Notes 01/10/13

Drago knows of Absolom due to his bardic school experience. It’s a big city of knowledge, apparently. We’re getting ready to close on the True Wind, an Absolom ship.

*Extra 98 gold for Cassie
*While we were in Blood Cove we picked up: SHIP STORE: 698 gold

Alchemical Fire Shot (200):
Blast Shot (30):
Bombs (600)
Chain (50)
Liquid Ice (400)
Plague Bundles (80)
Smoke (250)

I buy 5 water purification sponges (100) – can purify 25 pints of water each
I buy a masterwork Artisan Kit (55) – +2 on Craft Checks
Astrolabe (100) +2 Sailor Navigation Checks and Survival and Knowledge Geography

Left note with ammo manufacturer. I see slaves, osiran artifacts, andorian weapons, all sorts of exotic things… but the one thing I don’t see being sold is anything from the Aspice Consortium.
They are a cold cutthroat international merchant house and Blood Cove is their town. We watch 3 guys get shredded at the mouth of an alley by red masked, red garbed individuals who were the legendary Red Mantis assassins. “That’s what happens when you sell their goods in this town.”

Iro notices some Andoran cannons on the market that are probably hot. 2 for 10,000 is unfortunately out of our reach.

Iro and Zack talk to a tribal dread haired dude who sells magic bandages. Iro wheels and deals. Zack finds shop and guy playing with little silver cube. Arrow Magnet.

We stock up on regular ammo and repairs and fishing nets.

Back to the ship battle…

I fire the catapult using True Strike at the rigging for 20pts damage and take out some sails in the middle of the mainmast. Ship gets hit after a miss. Zack casts Glitterdust on captain of other ship. Captain makes save for one round. Zack misses with his balista.

I cast Magic Missile and hit the captain. Iro gives me a True Strike Infusion. One shot misses, another hits our sails.

I send a Message to the captain of the other ship and intimidate them into surrendering by mentioning the fate of the last crew to the death of black tentacles. Captain resists.

I hit deck with catapult and tell the captain again to surrender the ship to save the crew…. except the captain dies. Iro heads up deck, Drago pilots the ship closer till we’re about 10 ft away. crossbow bolt zooms over drago’s head and through a sail. Zack screams for everyone to laugh and Drago encourages them. Zack casts Sonic Blast @ 1st mate. I shoot the 1st mate with a magic missile and threaten him to surrender using the Message spell. 1 Arcane Point to recall Magic Missile spell.

Iro throws smoke bomb on the other ship deck. Flaming crewman jumps off the deck. Drago moves ship closer for boarding action. The reeling first mate with blood dripping advances with empty arms calling for surrender. Our ship cheers. Drogo searches ship with detect magic.

2pts of plunder
16 ballista bolts
2 light ballista
+1 ballista bolt
3 potions of cure light wounds
4 grappling hooks
general food stocks
heavy crossbow
dead captain’s rapier
+1 studded leather armor (damaged and cut for a female)

Recruit: 4 new Andoran crew. Revolutionary era American. Democratic independent people like Miles Pegsworthy.

I pass a cure light wounds potion to 1st mate and tell him that Besmara’s Blade can be merciful as well as cruel. NAT 20 Diplomacy roll.

2pts of Infamy Reward. CURRENT= 13

Jabber does his Snoopy Happy Dance.

We go back to Rickety Squibbs, 1st mate rest go free on life boats. trade in ship we captured with Rickety for credit on future repairs. Our repair credit = 60% of ships hit points.

We hang out and spread word of our infamy. Iro serves a lot of tea. Oh you’re back with your boiled seaweed! I think I hear my mother calling…

“I call this Spice of Paradise as it has booze in it!”

5pts of Infamy and Disrepute @ Rickety Squibbs. We are maxed out there and at Blood Cove until we reach next level of Infamy.

Iro makes potions of Jump and makes 24 potions.

I make 2 high quality silver signet rings with our symbol on it. I give one to Drago and one for myself.

We talk of going to Mataku Island… looking for a big city to hit. Come across an all white ship with 3 masts, pale wood, white sails, no flag. Drago knows tale of a white ship that’s a merchant of magical wares. I don’t think we should fight them because they have magic items. They think we should because they do. I am out-voted.

Combat: white ship gets upper hand. Zack sings. First weapon shot goes off… it veers away from the ship and then it’s their turn. We try and leave as 12ft tall blue guy in robes stands on deck sits down in large chair and ship leaves. He’s a rare race of traders known as the Mercane, beyond the planes that we know.

I told them the ship was going to be out of our league!

*Calistra is an Elven Goddess of Lust who has the symbol of wasps. The Calistrian Holy Concubines of Quent are the biggest information brokers in the Shackles.


DungeonMasterLoki Kenari_Sanura

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