Skull and Shackles

DM's Log -Session 4

The Wormwood Mutiny | Days 21 - 23

Wormwood mutiny

The taking of the Man’s Promise.
Three day victory party and awarding of treasure.
Jack proposes to Grok.
Sailing with a skeleton crew.

Rahadoumi Sailors x8 1600 xp
Rahadoumi Officer 600 xp
Successful Mutiny 1,400 xp

Successful Mutiny 2

Total 3,600 xp / 720 xp each

Game resumes with:
Mr. Plugg has surrendered and the Man’s Promise has been taken. Plugg’s associates are all confined in the Captain’s cabin while decisions are made.


DungeonMasterLoki DungeonMasterLoki

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