Skull and Shackles

DM's Log -Session 3

The Wormwood Mutiny | Days 15 - 21

Wormwood mutiny

Influence the Crew:

Jack gets overall +2 to all checks interacting with the crew due to defeating Owlbear Harshorn. This lasts as long as he is on the Wormwood.

Cassie slips sea turtle into Fipp’s bed
Cassie makes Conchobar friendly
Zach and Jack begin programmed harassment of Fipp’s
Priest makes Cog permanently friendly

Wormwood Pirates x2 400xp
Rahadoumi Sailors x4 800xp
Roleplaying Bonus 500

Total 1700 / 340 each

Game resumes with: boarding the Man’s Promise, Drogo just saved Captain.

3rd round of combat, initiative order is:
Rahadoumi Sailor
Rahadoumi Sailor
Drogo / Jabbar


DungeonMasterLoki DungeonMasterLoki

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