Skull and Shackles

DM Log - Sessions 5 & 6

The Wormwood Mutiny | Days 23 - 27

Wormwood mutiny

The Storm, Johnathon Teakshanks washed overboard, presumed dead.

Man’s Promise shipwrecked on reefs just off of Bonewrack Island. Grindylows attacked during storm and kidnapped Sandara Quinn and two other crew members. The party go ashore to look for them and to resupply food and water lost in the storm. Meanwhile Crimson Cogward and the Rahadoumi sailors manage the repairs. (At the time of the party’s departure they have 48 hours.

Giant Frog 400 xp
Ghoul Whores x3 400 xp

Total 1600 raw xp / 400 xp each

Special Awards
Journals 100 xp – Cassie and Priest
Art 100 xp – Cassie
Songs etc 100 xp – Zack

Updated XP
Cassandra | Magus 2 – 3630 xp > Level Up
Drogo | Summoner 2 – 3530 xp > Level Up
Priest | Cleric 1 Gunslinger 1 – 3560 xp > Level Up
Zack | Bard 2 – 3630 xp > Level Up

Level Goal: 3,300 for 3rd Level (Fast XP Track) – met by all party members

Game resumes with:
After burning the cornfield and making camp for the night the group return to their boat and bring it around the island to the entrance to Riptide Cove. Now that the tide is low they can see two grindylow “shepherds” on either side of the tunnel.


Don’t forget the XP for the Grindylows we fought that took Sindara and the others… I don’t think we got XP for those yet.

DM Log - Sessions 5 & 6
DungeonMasterLoki DungeonMasterLoki

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