Skull and Shackles

Cassandra's Log - Part 4

Turbulant Waters Ahead!

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DAY 15 – Pretty uneventful… other than Drogo taking that slip from the rigging and finding out just what it was that Phipps tried to lace our bunks with. Turns out the bastard had a bag of cut glass! Thank goodness I was able to switch things up. Perhaps a few days in the surgeon’s ward will make them all think twice before messing with us again. Just in case, though… I’m going to slip one of these turtles I caught for lunch into Phipp’s cot to keep him company tonight.

DAY 16 – Poor Jack… Grok has been riding him ragged, so it’s no wonder he drank a bit too much rum today; The guy needs his sleep! Though who am I to criticize… I think I drank a bit too much myself; only explanation for putting up with the dirty suggestions that Conqobar and Narwhal tossed my way today.

It looks like the others are getting along with Priest, even if he is a bit of a downer sometimes. He’d better work on his endurance, though… if he keeps passing out during the day he’s going to find himself overboard again instead of tied up to the main mast.

After managing a passable dinner tonight I can’t help but feel that emotions are shifting aboard the Wormwood. The people we’ve made friends with have still been treating us well… but the others… I think Plug and Scourge have drawn the line between them and us.

And now Jack wants the Captain to marry Grok and him? I don’t know… I want to be happy for him, but I think he just put a big target on his back. I’d better keep a close eye on things and an ear open to the chatter.

DAY 17 – And what do you know… we’ve all been assigned to swabbing the decks all day. If that’s not a sign, I don’t know what is. Jack, though… he got sent down into the bilges with some of the guys who got a bed full of glass. I notice one of them drawing a line across his throat as he follows Jack down… I hope he comes out ok.

Poor Zack wore himself out working and worrying about his brother… and he paid for it when he woke up stripped and hanging from the main mast by his wrists. I hope Sindara can help me bandage him when it gets dark and they finally let us take him down.


DAY 18 – Sail ho! We’re all assigned to rigging duty in preparation for our first actual boarding raid. I pray to Besmara that our target is a worthy vessel and we fight well in the morrow before we hear the announcement of double shifts yet again.

DAY 19 – Looks like it’s time, as we’ve finally caught up to a vaguely Arabic looking vessel. Besmara watch over your servants, and let us carry out our captain’s orders dutifully and with great purpose.

“You heard the man… board the ship, kill the guards, take the wheel and guard the lifeboats! Kill anyone trying to get away, got it? Now GO!” yells Mr. Plug.

“Not you yet, missy,” Croup says as he grabs my arm. “I need your help dumping pig blood over the side… captain wants to make sure those Rahadoomies don’t get any ideas about jumping ship either.” Rahadoom… from what I’ve heard from talking to people on our ship, they’ve got an issue with worshipping gods. Too bad… they could probably use a few prayers right now.

Shots ring out as Priest takes aim at one of the sailors on the other vessel and the battle begins for true. The captain follows with his own gun as another sailor falls from the rigging, and I follow with my crossbow as I skewer another through the upper shoulder and he falls to the ground in spasms.

“If I wasn’t already in love…” I hear Jack laugh from the rigging above and smile as I blow off the end of my crossbow and activate a shield spell around myself before grabbing a rope to swing across.

As soon as I land I take in the two sailors on the main deck, as well as his four friends by the wheel. I motion with my hands and mutter the words that summon a large wave of water that hits one of the men on the main deck and knocks him overboard before I slash the other across the stomach with my cutlass.

“Shit! They’ve got a spellcaster!” one of the ones by the wheel shouts as bolts whizz past me and one pegs me in the shoulder. I take cover under the lip of the deck and stuff a piece of cloth under my jacket to stop the bleeding as Priest, Zack and Jack swing over to finish off the others and take control of the wheel.

Drogo flies over on his Eidelon Jabber, but instead of helping with our target he moves through the fog and smoke towards the other end of the ship. Shots ring out so I assume it must have something to do with the Captain since Priest is with us. That is… unless somebody else on board has a gun I don’t know about. I’m a little too busy to ask them, however, as from what I can tell from their pleading, I’ve got some sailors who want to surrender that I need to take care of.

“They’re surrendering!” I shout to the others who might not understand the Rahadoomie sailors. “Find some rope so we can tie them up.”

Suddenly there is a booming explosion from below decks that rocks the entire ship. I manage to keep my footing and hold position with my crossbow at the ready as I scan over the railing to the decks below.

“Make sure you don’t slip now… looks like those Tiger Sharks are hungry,” Jack warns as he moves to take the wheel. I guess Croup’s work with the pig blood did it’s trick.

“No shit!” growls Phipps. Damn… couldn’t be lucky enough to be rid of that pest, could we?

“More behind you!” screams Drogo. I turn from the rail to see that 3 Rahadoomie sailors are climbing up over the aft rail of the ship. Zach shoots one with his crossbow and I quickly follow with my own as Drogo moves in with his spear and punctures one that falls overboard. By the time we’re done there’s only a female sailor left alive who is scared shitless by the scene of the Captain holding her fellow sailors prisoner with a bloody heart brandished in hand when the fog parts.

“No…no…” she cries as she swings at me with her sword and tries to get away. She’s panicing, however, and her swing is easy to dodge as I grab her from behind and subdue her. “Be still… stay quiet, and perhaps you can stay alive,” I warn her. I do not enjoy killing people for no reason… and it is a shame that our Captain’s eye happened to fall on this ship. I will do what I must to survive, but if I can help others get through this too, I will… hopefully with Besmara’s blessing.

The fog dissapates completely as sailors cheer and a dozen prisoners are paraded before the Captain on the lower deck.

“You’re all relieved of your current duties,” Riaris Prine announces as she breaks away from her Captain to join us. “Cassie, you and Croup need to raid the larder and see what kind of celebratory feast we can come up with!”

Before I go, I cast a quick cantrip on our female prisoner to see if she’s got anything handy. I quite like the style of their chainmail… very stylish and seems to encourage ease of movement. We’ll see if Drogo likes that magical pike of hers though. I try to ask her to willingly give up her things, but it seems all she wants to do is struggle. Ah well… you can’t help everyone, Cassie. Maybe she can think about it in her dreams now that Priest has knocked her unconscious.

DAY 20 – Party Time!

Croup and I manage to pull off quite the feast for a party that lasts for 3 days. If I’m lucky, perhaps I’ve managed to swing a few more of the crew back into my favor. Zack and Drogo are at their creative best as they entertain us with songs of our battle while the rum flows freely… and mostly down Grok’s shirt. Personally I love “Take it with Blood,” but “Plunder It” is quite catchy too.

Time seems to blend together in a blur of rum and music until all of hte crew are called up to the main deck by the Captain who is standing there with Prine, Plug, and a wizard. The 12 prisoners are marched out from below decks as Scourge and his men hand out belt pouches to everyone with their share of the gold.

“Drogo the Tiny front and center!” bellows the Captain who throws an amulet on a chain and a scabbarded short sword to the halfing. “That’s for taking care of your Captain! The rest of you… for completing your duties and efficiently disposing of no less than 8 sailors and capturing the 1st mate alive, you will also be given a bonus to be divied up amongst yourselves. Now get the hell out of my face!”

There’s a general reaction of joy as the rewards are passed out, and soon the partying begins again in full force. I’ve had enough of the drinking for now though… so I make a sweep through the ship looking for any spare pieces of jewelry and accesories that I might make use of. There was a time that I loved crafting jewelry for the caravan… perhaps I can capture a piece of home if I take it up again.

I eventually make my way down to the crew quarters of the Wormwood where Priest is cleaning his guns and Jack and Grok are continuing their celebrations. I almost drop my collection of Arabic jewelry when Jack suddenly slams down a marriage proposal and a ring on the table while Grok totters about with a turban on. It takes a moment before her eyes focus and she realizes what he’s done before she throws the bottle across the room and yells “Everybody but him get the fuck out! NOW!”

“He’s doing WHAT?” asks Zack in shock.

“I only tell you what I saw… and now I must go pray for their souls,” replies Priest before he retreats to a quiet corner.

“But… but…”

“Your brother just wants to be happy, Zach… why not let him?” I offer before I go above decks and see Scourge and Plug looking rather suspicious as they talk to each other in hushed tones. I hide amongst the barrells and ropes and sneak closer to listen the best I can.

“… little do they know they’ll be attending their first funeral service aboard a ship soon. Their own!”


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